People whom dreams have become true

Divers like you that have already travelled with us and are happy to share their experience.

Baleydier Family
"I came back of a 1 week scuba cruise in Maldives with my family. Despite some doubts because agency is new, I chose it because in our family of 4, my wife doesn't dive and 1 teenager only partly; so when there is no dive, they can benefit of spa treatments, snorkeling, outstanding beaches visit and more. I can only recommend this agency:
  • Dives were highly secure with high end materials, serious-experimented-charming Japanese teacher Moto and her husband drawing dive plans before each.
  • Cruise, food, team members are of exceptional quality.
  • I can testify the team do all what they can to please you, with modesty and a real will to serve.
If you have some wishes about your dives: see wales sharks, manta rays or what so ever: just ask before booking and they'll love please you. Thanks to the team.
" Baleydier Family Switzerland / Doctors
María José and Jose Antonio
"Every diver in the world survives during the hard working days dreaming about the blue seas of his next dive trip. The Sardine Run was one of our “dream dive trips”. Luca and Sandro had a quite difficult goal; make our dreams came true… and they did it! They make every single minute worthwhile. For us holidays means not worrying about anything, just enjoying life and having fun and that is what we get from EDA, they were always one meter in front solving every single problem we may have and making our live so easy. There were just one thing Luca and Sandro couldn’t managed… get the sardines! And I can tell they tried everything! but… you are in South Africa! You can swim with giant humpback whales and dolphins, dive surrounded by ocean black tips and bull sharks in Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks, see the natural predation of the Great White and dive in magic places like Millers Point an underwater garden of kelp were a group of Cow Sharks live. When after 15 days you came back home feeling like you have just been out a couple of hours means that you have enjoy every second! Thank you so much, we will meet again for sure!" María José and Jose Antonio Spain / Executive Producers
Ieva Sture
"The best diving, the best company, the best food and the best accommodation – that’s the most important that should be mentioned about "Elite Diving Agency" & safari trip in Maldives. Since the very first pre-booking email Luca was very detailed and honest to all my questions: about the weather in non-season, about the visa requirements (no visa needed to Maldives!), about the boat, the diving conditions, the prices and so on. And what I appreciated the most, that the speed of communication was always super fast! There were only two things that bothered me: whether this all is for real and whether the boat will actually look like in the promotional photos. Both of my fears turned out to be unfounded. The TripAdvisor reviews persuaded me that EDA is the trustable company, but the boat just over exceeded all my expectations. Since the very arrival to the airport of Male, I was met by the crew and always taken care of as the most important guest. The boat was pure luxury and even more impressive than the pictures which can’t really give the impression about the spacious rooms, sundecks, the spa and bar area, and very, very tasty food where the chef’s main speciality is the Asian kitchen. And then came the diving! 5 eagle rays at the very first seconds of the check dive, numerous sharks (which at the end of the week be became lazy even to count), eagle rays, eagle rays and sharks together, stonefishes, scorpionfish, a manta rays, turtles, other kinds of rays, nudibranchs, octopus, gigant jellyfish and so on. Of course, most of them spotted thanks to our great diving guides – Moto & Moosa, always helpful, kind and attentive to any of the divers’ needs. I really enjoyed every single hour during the trip, and if there is anything I could have wished for – that the week would have lasted a little bit longer than usual. I will definitely return back to EDA when planning my next adventures in diving. P.S. An advice to solo travelers/divers: if possible always choose safari trip instead of staying in the hotel thus there always will be a great company around whenever you’ll feeling enough of enjoying the solitude." Ieva Sture Latvia / Director
Bernard and Anett
"Many thanks to Luca and Sandro for organizing our South African 2014 dive trip. While the sardines did not show up this year, the combination of dives and experiences planned by our guides will leave us great long lasting memories. The baited dives were just a blast. What an experience to dive in the middle of ocean black tips, bull sharks and to get the visit of a majestic and curious tiger! The exploration of the Aliwal Shoal and Proteas Banks offered encounters with numerous large ragged-tooth sharks, turtles, eels, and even an oceanic manta. Finally, we got many opportunities to swim with giant humpback whales, dolphins, and in the middle of plunging gannets during the sea safari at Port St John. Thanks to the choice of operators by Elite Diving Agency, we always felt safe during these incredible experiences. All dive masters and guides selected were highly professional and very experienced. We particularly appreciated the commitment of Vegard and Karen and it was re-assuring to have Sandro and Luca diving with us. The accommodation selected were the best available in town, comfortable and with tasty food. Finally, Sandro and Luca made sure that our individual needs were taken into account and managed to find optional interesting activities for our quiet times. We also appreciated to be in a small group with only 4 other participants. All in all, a fantastic experience with Elite Diving Agency. Thanks for this trip and looking forward to seeing you again soon." Bernard and Anett Singapore / Managers
Dennis and Tsveti
"One of our hobbies is traveling. Before booking we were a bit concerned as EDA is a new company and there was not many reviews in internet. But we can definitely recommend the agency. The trip with EDA on the Scubaspa was one of the best experiences we ever had. The organization worked very well. On the airport there was a team which waited for us and took our luggage and brought us to the shuttle boat. Arrived on the boat we got a welcome drink and a bottle of campaign which was a perfect start after 13 hours trip. The luxury boat was perfect, the rooms always clean and comfortable. It was also convenient to have an own bathroom. The team on board always took care on us and were very supportive all the time. We booked “only” diving and were positively surprised that there where also some excursions included like “Cocktailbar on a sandbank”, “Barbecue on an Island” or visiting some Islands to get a better impression about the Maldives. The Diving team – Moosa and Mota – were very experienced (15 years on Maldives) and the equipment for diving was almost new. We fully could recommend EDA, which makes a great experience for us." Dennis and Tsveti Germany / Managers
Andréanne E.
"Thank you EDA!! I had a marvellous first-time in the Maldives! The selected boat was fantastic! Luxurious, comfortable, fun and safe; the staff on board was really nice, always helpful, attentive and smiling. The diving was great and the Dive Instructors were fantastic too! I have 65 logged dives so I am not an expert but not a beginner either and I’ve learned many tricks and useful information thanks to these nice, funny, attentive, kind and ultra-safe Dive Instructors. We ended up being only 9 or so divers, with 3 instructors so it was very well balanced and enjoyable. Because we were a small group of fantastic people on board, we all got along and hit if off for what turned out to be a very memorable week. I had hundred questions while I was researching and deciding on my trip; I wanted to do one week on the dive safari boat and one week on a resort island. Luca from EDA patiently and thoroughly indulged me with my hundred questions, allowing me to save time in finding a resort where to stay. My tailored trip was well organized, worry free and all the transfers were well scheduled and timely. Pure relaxation!" Andréanne E. Canada / Solo Traveler
Andres Venegas
"A massive thank you to the Élite Diving Agency! From beginning to end, our trip was filled with endless opportunities to enjoy the exhilarating natural beauty of South Africa’s coasts and the rich variety of wildlife it has to offer. It is not often you can say you have dived with Hammerheads, Oceanic Black-Tips, Bull, Ragged-tooth, Dusky, Seven-Gill, and White sharks in the space of 2 weeks and top it off with Dolphins, Penguins, Cape-fur Seals, and huge Humpback whales! While not always the easiest of weather conditions or sightings, the E.D.A crew and guides they selected, always went out of their way to ensure we saw all the creatures we expected from day one! This experience wouldn’t have been the same without their energy, good humor, knowledge, and flexibility to meet any and all requests Never a dull moment, and a unique opportunity to build a comradery with like-minded individuals from across the globe! New friends with whom to share much laughter and excitement throughout our holiday, safe in the knowledge that we always would return to our comfortable quarters after the days’ adventures! The EDA crew truly made the trip an ultimate experience, and built a “personalised package” adventure holiday that is reserved to only a few destinations: An experience that I will not soon forget, and will definitely repeat and recommend to my friends!" Andres Venegas United Arab Emirates / Entrepreneur
Joanna Van Vliet
"I thoroughly enjoyed this unique and for me once in a life time experience. The trip was well organised and you were able to quickly solve issues and/or problems when they occurred. In my view the composition of the group was really nice. One can choose the option of only one nationality, only men, only persons younger than 40, etc. but in this case I believe that we all contributed in our own way to the atmosphere and I was very happy with the variety of people. I am reallly impressed with the way you both guided our group: always smiling and doing everything to keep us happy. To see so many different kinds of sharks and dive with them was unbelievable: they are really beautiful animals and I have never been afraid of them. but also the whales, the dolphins, etc. After a few days of rest back in the Netherlands, I wished I was able to go back into the water again and forget about the rest of the world. As you know, there were other challenges for me to conquer, but I felt very much at ease and when I tell my friends about this wonderful experience, they can hardly believe I was able to do and see so much in this period of time. Thank you for a very special holiday!!" Joanna Van Vliet Netherlands / Ambassador
Martin Ulrich
"I enjoyed very much the diving, the eating outdoors in several different restaurants and the “afternoon-tours” . And the small group of just 7 divers. The opportunity to choose between several options of the trip is very nice! So i am all satisfied! Thank you very much and looking forward to the next trips!!" Martin Ulrich Germany / Chef