Dive Galapagos Liveaboard & Resort

Hammerheads, mantas, whale sharks, sea lions, the list is endless. Dive Galapagos and join thousands of amazing sea creatures.

Why you should choose this itinerary?

  • Galapagos is one of the best destinations in the world to see hammerheads.
  • The remote location of the islands allows you to see a lot of endemic species not so numerous elsewhere.
  • This is a must dive destination for big pelagic fish.
  • What you need to know

    • Location: Galapagos
    • Period: All year round
    • Duration: 2 weeks

    Your holiday in Galapagos

    Galapagos is the place where Charles Darwin has developed his evolution theory; is the place where you can see so many sea inhabitants that you won’t be able to remember all of them; is the place where you want to go to at least once in your lifetime if you’re a diver!

    This is a 15 days holiday of emotions. The first week you’ll be sailing on a comfortable liveaboard up to the north of the Galapagos islands where the most famous dive sites are: Wolf and Darwin. In the second week of the trip you’ll be pampered in a 5 star hotel on the main island of Santa Cruz and go diving around the cliffs and rocks of this island.

    This is the ideal program we recommend in order to get the most out of your holiday, but you can obviously choose only the liveaboard or the hotel for the duration that pleases you best.

    Hammerhead shark

    The diving boat

    The ultimate way to enjoy Galapagos. The only way to reach and dive Wolf and Darwin. The total comfort to plunge in and get out of the seawater.

    During your stay on the liveaboard you’ll be doing four to five dives a day, two in the morning, two in the afternoon and, why not, also a night dive! If you’re a passionate diver, this experience will indelibly remain with you in your memories.

    This 33 meters liveaboard has 8 cabins and can hosts up to 16 guest. Fully air conditioned, with en-suite bathroom and the latest amenities, this boat is made for divers. Diving tanks never live the boat deck and the only effort you’ll ever have to do is to wear your wetsuit. Your equipment will always be ready and your tank always full, prepared for you to just jump into the sea enjoying your dive!

    The resort

    The Finch Bay is the most welcoming and, at the same time, the most naturalistic hotel on Santa Cruz island. The beach is just in front of the hotel, the great cuisine and quiet location has no rivals in the entire area.

    The diving center is right few minutes away and the diving boat will come to pick you up at the hotel’s jetty just after breakfast, ready for your two dives all through the area.

    Day to day program

    You can rely that your experience has been carefully planned and be sure that every moment will be a memorable occurrence; just sit back and enjoy your stay. This is the program that will provide you the most of your experience, but you’re welcome to ask any modification and it will be edited as per your request. You know, our aim is to make your dreams come true!

    If you wish, like in every other trip organized by EDA, you can require a Personal Diver, your private diving instructor, that will be in the water with you in every dive to assist and coordinate the activities. Just ask for supplementary info during the booking.

    Day 1 - Arrival in Guayaquil

    All international flights arrive quite late in Ecuador, therefore it’s necessary to spend one night either in Quito or Guayaquil. Our personal experience highly recommends Guayaquil.

    You’ll be welcomed at the airport and accompanied to the Oro Verde Hotel, the best hotel nearby the airport. Enjoy the SPA, have a relaxing massage and enjoy the dinner, go to sleep early, as tomorrow you will have an early start.

    Day 2 - Arrival in Galapagos

    Your flight takes off at 10,30 in the morning and after 1,30h you will land in Baltra, the island with the main airport in Galapagos.

    Our ground staff will be welcoming you at the airport with a private car to drive you to the channel between the two islands of Baltra and Santa Cruz; there a private speed boat will cross you over, where another car will be driving you south for 40 minutes across the island of Santa Cruz, towards Puerto Ayora. The liveaboard staff will be there waiting for you. Jump onboard, check-in your cabin and make yourself comfortable.

    In the early afternoon the boat will set sail and you’ll have your first dive to check your weights and equipment.

    Day 3 - First diving day

    While moving up north, you’ll have two morning dives at Punta Carrion, one afternoon dive at Bartolome Punta and some hiking to Bartolome Summit, then more sailing to reach the dream spot.

    Day 4 - Diving get’s real

    You’ll start great: Darwin and Wolf, the islands that you’ve reached during the night have the best diving spots in the whole Galapagos. Prepare your camera and get some pictures of the famous walls of hammerhead sharks. Today you’ll do two dives in the morning, two in the afternoon and a night dive.

    Day 5 - Still diving big

    Why leaving so early? Depending on the season you’ll do 5 five dives at Darwin (June to December), or two dives at Darwin and two at Wolf from January to May.

    Day 6 - Last occurrence

    Another day you’ll remember. Five dives at Cabo Marshall from January to May or two dives at Darwin and two at Wolf from June to December.

    Day 7 - Changing area

    You’re now around the island of Isabela and today you’ll have two dives in Cabo Douglas and two in Punta Vicente Roca.

    Day 8 - On your way back

    One final dive at Cousin Rock in the morning and the rest of the day a private bus will take you for a tour of Santa Cruz to admire the highlights of the island. You’ll visit Los Gemelos (two enormous sinkholes), Scalesia Forest, be able to see the famous Galapagos tortoise and the enchanting Lava Tunnels.

    In the evening, you will check-in at the Finch Bay Hotel and get to know the guys of the diving center for your next adventure-week.

    In case you opt to end here your experience, you’ll have the last night on board and the day after you’ll be accompanied to the airport in Baltra to take the flight for Guayaquil. Skip to day 15.

    Day 9 - Waking up on land

    A strange feeling? No rolling? You’re on land! Welcome to the Finch Bay Hotel. Get ready to see barracudas, seahorses, sea lions and much more in your two dives in Cusins and Bartolomeo. Free afternoon for hikes or excursions.

    Day 10 - Becoming familiar

    Now you know how to rock even around the Santa Cruz island. Another two dives at Mosquera, to spot eagle rays, whitetips, galapagos sharks and turtles. Free afternoon for hikes or excursions.

    Day 11 - Take me to the Queen

    Beagle and Daphne are two great spots to see Mantas and solitary hammerheads, do you feel lucky? Free afternoon for hikes or excursions.

    Day 12 - Mobulas

    With two dives at North Seymour you will have some great chances to see schools of mobulas, eagle rays and some sting rays digging into the sandy bottom. Free afternoon for hikes or excursions.

    Day 13 - Let’s make some friends

    If you haven’t notice yet, sea lions like divers, they actually like to play with almost everyone, sharks, sea star, eels and you, of course! Floreana is the best dive site to dive with them, have fun and, don’t forget your SD card in the camera for great shots. Free afternoon for hikes or excursions.

    Day 14 - End in style

    Second only to Wolf and Darwin, Gordon Rocks, is the best place in Galapagos to see hammerheads. Let’s end your diving holiday with two, sometimes challenging, amazing dives in this great spot. Be prepared to see dozen of hammerheads, eagle rays, whitetips, Galapagos sharks, mobulas and, if you’re really lucky, whale sharks and sunfish (Mola mola). Free afternoon for hikes or excursions.

    Day 15 - Time to say goodbye

    After breakfast you’ll be accompanied with your private transfer to the airport. One hour and a half and you’ll be in Guayaquil. You will have the daily use of a luxury 5 star hotel, the perfect treatment before your international flight.

    We hope to see you soon onboard.

    Photos and videos

    v-sharks-mantas-galapagos v-animals-sea-life-galapagos  

    Holiday details

    Prices includes


    • Private transfer from Guayaquil airport to Oro Verde Hotel and return
    • Private transfer from Baltra airport to Puerto Ayora (car - speed boat - car) and return
    • Local flight from Guayaquil to Baltra and return


    • All dives on the liveaboard
    • Two dives a day from Santa Cruz island
    • One hike in Punta Carrion and one land tour in Santa Cruz
    • Nitrox for all dives


    • One night at Oro Verde Hotel (in Guayaquil) on bed & breakfast basis
    • Six nights on the liveaboard on full board basis, with soft drinks and local beer and wine
    • Seven nights at Finch Bay Hotel (in Puerto Ayora) on full board basis
    • One day use room at Oro Verde Hotel

    Price doesn’t include

    • International flights to and from Guayaquil
    • Scuba diving equipment rental
    • Enriched Air “Nitrox” certification
    • Single use supplement (on the Liveaboard)
    • Single use supplement (at Finch Bay)
    • Guided hikes or excursions on Santa Cruz
    • Personal Diver service
    • Galapagos Park Tax fee (USD 100,00 to be paid cash on site)
    • Park Entrance fee (USD 10,00 to be paid cash on site)
    • Anything not listed in “Price Includes”

    EDA’s service

    • The best experience: we’ve created this holiday for you to get the most out of it. Every detail is carefully covered. Nothing is left to chance.
    • Personal Diver: Let us know if you want one of our scuba instructors to accompany you in your holidays and be your dive buddy.
    • Flight bookings: Can we help with the international flight booking? Just let us know.
    • Extensions and reductions: Only the days on the liveaboard are fixed, if you want to add (or remove) extra days from your hotel accommodation, or add extra excursions, we’re here to plan it for you: it’s your Dream.

    Galapagos holiday booking options

    Galapagos ultimate experience

    You’re a keen diver, you understand that when exploring a destination is best to see it all, you’d rather be underwater than on the surface.

    This holiday combines the adventure of the liveaboard with the relax of the hotel, you get the whole picture of what Galapagos is and why it is so amazing.

    15 days in total, starting every Wednesday. International arrival in Guayaquil on Wednesday, international departure Thursday.

    Price per person € 7,700.00
    Single supplement 60%

    Let's go diving

    Galapagos adventure

    You do not have a lot of time and want to get the most out of it. The liveaboard is the only way to reach Wolf and Darwin, and you know is there where you want to dive.

    This holiday includes only the days of the liveaboard, you will do many dives and will still have a snapshot of what the islands looks like.

    9 day in total, starting every Wednesday. International arrival in Guayaquil on Wednesday, international departure Thursday.

    Price per person € 5,290.00
    Single supplement 60%

    Let's go diving

    Galapagos relax

    You know Galapagos is a great destination to dive but don’t feel like being on a boat for a whole week-long. You want also more flexibility for the timing and maybe are travelling with someone who is not as keen as you into diving.

    This holiday includes the hotel accommodation and the daily dives. You can choose when to leave and when to come back, it’s all up to you.

    Recommended 9 days or more, start and end on any day. Remember, 9 days are 7 diving days.

    Price per person € 3,900.00
    Single supplement 60%

    Let's go diving

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