Personal Diver

Your Private Scuba Diving Instructor

Enjoy the underwater world

Exploring the underwater world is a mesmerizing experience that we wish everyone would be able to do. Unfortunately is not rare to find out of people deciding not to dive because of the short free time they have, worried of the many hassles they would encounter to organize the dive or just because they would rather dive with much more privacy and discretion.

You dive. We care about the rest.

These reasons incited us to hold the fort for you of all the planning, the organization, the safety and the privacy part of going diving. This meaning that you don’t have to be bothered anymore about where to go to fill your tank or how many people there’ll be on the boat. Everything is taken care of and on the boat there is only you and the splendid experience you are about to fulfil.

Your private diving instructor

The Personal Diver™ is the service completely shaped on your needs. It’s your private diving instructor that will organize your dives, your course or your trip. He, or she, will take care of the logistics, deal with the local Quality Certified Partners™ and eventually take you underwater.

Personal Diver™

You can chose the instructor that better complies with your needs and hobbies. Our team consists of qualified and trained instructors with different skills and specialties, speaking different languages, thus enabling you to be totally confident, enjoying the experience with your private instructor.

Diving and Courses

Are you an experienced diver? Your private instructor will be your buddy, he will be diving with you, look after you and take care of safety. You can always choose to take the next step and continue your diving instruction with your Personal Diver.

Do you wish to start diving? Perfect, your personal instructor will arrange all the necessary requirements, teach you how to dive and certify you with an international diving license.

Let’s go diving!

Express your wish and we’ll make it come true!