Fantastically EDA!

If you are a couple in love with the wonders of the sea, EDA knows how to make even your most daring dreams come true: exchange nuptial promises under water, in the presence of friends and relatives!
This is in harmony with EDA’s philosophy: “if you can dream it, we’ll make it happen”.


Underwater Bride and Groom Wedding

EDA organizes your Special Day tailored on your highest expectations.

Invite your guests to Sardinia, and share with them your love for the sea and its wonders. They don’t need to be scuba proficient or certified!

Elite Diving Agency will help you find the perfect diving spot, leveled to the experience of your guests, a unique setting in the crystal clear, light-blue Sardinian waters, of a convenient depth where a newcomer can easily enjoy and participate to your vows exchange, with the guide and assistance of professional Instructors and Scuba Guides.

Not only.

EDA provides the venue where to stay, to get dressed and be ready for your scuba wedding, the hotel and restaurant to enjoy the full day, before and after the ceremony, with a catering cusine in the highest Italian standards.

You and yours guest will be delivered with all the required diving equipment.  A team  of professional diving Guides and Instructors will accompany all the divers in need of assistance and guidance. Those who wish to be certified before your wedding day, can do so a few days before the event, to better enjoy your special day.
Boats as well as underwater settings, underwater promises, rings, the bride’s bouquet and the bride and groom outfits (to be worn on top of the diving equipment) will be tailored and delivered to your hotel room a few days before the ceremony for any eventual adjustments.
A Professional Underwater Photographer will ensure photos and videos of the event to be taken back home as a precious memento of this unique experience. After the dive, back to the Hotel’s room, you will be able to get changed and be ready to enjoy a post-dive refreshment party, given for you at the Hotel’s restaurant or terrace.
This amazing scuba wedding experience can also be followed on the next day by a more traditional Marriage Ceremony, thanks to the stunning churches, beaches and settings of Sardinia, with the style, excellence, and elegance of the Italian cuisine, hospitality and organization.

Feel free to tailor with us your wet &  dry wedding to make the best of the best day of your life!

Underwater Wedding with Luca & Laura

Luca & Laura Wedding in Sardinia

photo credits Miho Tsuruoka