Dangerous Sea Creatures: The Misunderstood, the Underestimated, and the Ones You Didn’t Know About

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There is something about the human psyche that we simply must accept; people like being scared. The particulars certainly vary, from zombie apocalypses to roller coasters to man-eating beasts; both the fantasized and the real. It seems likely that this is the inspiration for so many of the lists you can find now-a-days telling you of the deadliest animals out there and how they just might kill you. Nevertheless, when you are in the water this information is not just for entertainment, it’s instead extremely important. This is because some of the most dangerous sea creatures are not that scary looking thereby making it easy for divers to underestimate the risks. In fact, many people set in their minds the idea of sea creatures matching up with collective imagination monstrous portraits but often these animals don’t represent the biggest threat. There are plenty of fish in the sea… so watch out! You should also keep in mind that in 2010, the Census of Marine Life was able to describe over 250,000 marine species and expected that at least 750,000 more species remain undescribed. With that said, there are probably more than just a few dangerous creatures you haven’t heard about….

Understanding shark attacks

Shark Attacks: Why they Happen and What you Need to Know!

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Whether you’re a SCUBA diver, a surfer, or you just love trying to stay upright amongst crashing waves, the perceived danger of sharks may have crossed your mind. If being solo in the ocean makes you nervous, if murky water gives you second thoughts, or if the gentle touch of seaweed launches you back onto shore, well then, you’re not the only one. It’s okay to fear sharks. More so, it’s very understandable if you feel that way. The details of how a particular shark attack occurred can not only be scary but the stories of a lost human life are always tragic. Consequently, this information can stick with you for a long time. In fact, the reason why so many of us, ocean-lovers, can very well recall the details of shark attacks is because they are so rare. With a worldwide average range of 5-15 human fatalities every year due to unprovoked shark attacks, these few events are easy to remember. So yes, it’s okay to fear sharks but it’s not okay to condemn sharks as a result. Despite attacks, shark numbers are in decline Often people debate that shark attacks occur due to an overabundance of sharks. For…

Scuba diving holidays of 2014

3 Scuba Diving Holidays you can’t miss in 2014

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Today we’re introducing three scuba diving holidays for 2014, three destinations that will leave you breathless, three experiences that you will remember for a life time. To celebrate what we believe was a great year for diving, we’ve put together the 8 most spectacular underwater picture of the year, you’re very welcome to send us your picture via the Facebook page. If you’re a passionate diver like we are, this article will enlighten your soul. Next year, 2014, you can choose between three, a soon more, great diving holidays. As usual, EDA’s holidays feature only the best diving destinations, the best diving sites and the best dive guides. The 2014 selected destinations are: Maldives – Liveaboard Diving Holiday South Africa – Sardine Run Indonesia – North Sulawesi Diving Maldives – Liveaboard Diving Holiday Maldives is the diver’s paradise: sunny days, flat sea and warm water. Top comfort for divers with the local boats called dhoni and the friendly local staff, diving in Maldives couldn’t be more relaxing and enjoyable. Underwater, Maldives are simply breathless: it’s one of the few places in the world where you can find a bit of everything. Great for big pelagic fish like sharks, whale sharks,…

Perfect scuba diving buoyancy control

The Secret of Perfect Diving Buoyancy Control

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From the first time you try scuba diving you realise that moving underwater is not as easy as you thought. All the new equipment, the heavy tank and unfamiliar fins at the beginning feel a bit uncomfortable. Even swimming in a straight direction is not so straightforward, and then you also have to take care of the depth you’re standing and it all becomes at least… overcoming. This is normal; you’re in a new environment, with new equipment and you have to take care of a lot of details. This is something every beginner in diving experiences and even for the more experienced ones, sometime, showing a good buoyancy control does not come entirely natural. Let’s see together what you can do to master this very important aspect of scuba diving and how to turn into an easier and full-of-fun experience. Equipment that fits Make it easier for yourself, use good equipment that fits well. If you BCD is too big it will make the tank roll form one side to the other, causing you to roll with it. The tank is the heaviest part of your gear and if it is not properly fixed it will drive you crazy…

Dive Raja Ampat, Indonesia

How to Dive Raja Ampat – Indonesia

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When a diver thinks about Indonesia, one of the most immediate association he will make in his mind is with ‘’Biodiversity’’; this part of the world, in fact, is extremely famous for his great biodiversity: thousands of corals and fish populate this region. One of the most famous place in Indonesia, with no doubt, is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is the western point of the biggest island in the world, the New Guinea and it is politically divided in two parts: the south part is the ‘’Papua New Guinea’’ and it is an independent country; the north part is ‘’Papua’’ or ‘’Raja Ampat’’. Raja Ampat (literally ‘’the 4 kings’’) is divided into seven different protected marine areas. Certainly the underwater share of this great place is the better known because it is considered the epicenter of the marine biodiversity! Just to give some numbers characterizing this place: 1,628 species of reef fish in the Bird’s Head Seascape 1,430 species of reef fish in Raja Ampat 42 species of endemic reef fish found only in the Birds Head Seascape 603 species of hard coral recorded in the Bird’s Head Seascape 75% of all known coral species in the world 10 times…