Top underwater photos of 2013

8 Most Spectacular Underwater Photos from 2013

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This year has proven that you, like us, love diving and the demand for a new, personalised way of exploring the underwater world is increasing significantly. To celebrate this incredible year we’ve put together what we believed are the 8 most representative picture from our travels. We hope that this will, for many of you, remind great moments, and, if you didn’t dive with us yet, it will be a nice motivation to join one of the upcoming holidays. 1. A great white shark jumping In South Africa, in False Bay and Gansbaai it’s easy to spot these marvellous creatures jumping out of the water try to catch one of the seals swimming around. READ ON: Cage Diving with the Great White Shark in South Africa 2. Close up of a Grouper Or potatoes bus as they call them in Umkomaas, in South Africa. These huge fish are very common around the in the Produce wreck and more and more often you can see them also during the baited dives. READ ON: Sardine Run 2013 3. Manta – the queen of the ocean One of our favourite sea creature. Mantas look at you in the eyes, come close and play…

6 different types of scuba divers

6 Types of Divers – Which Group are You in?

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Have you ever asked yourself “What kind of diver am I?” We did, and this article wants to be a witty way to divide us in different groups. Read the various descriptions and then write in the comments which group fits you best. Don’t take it too seriously of course ;) The deep diver The blue is what fascinates you, you’re always the first to start the descent and the first to hit the bottom. In shallow dives you always hope you had taken with you a shovel to dig a bit deeper. Narcosis is like a drug for you, it doesn’t scare you, you need it! Your ideal diving curve is around the 0 minutes to the no decompression time. The tech diver You have a mathematical mind. You’re probably the only diver who likes tables and decompression theory. You read all the articles you find on the argument, keeping updated. Even when doing recreational dives, you like to show off your peak-performance wing bcd and your DIR setup. You take diving seriously and, let’s admit it, patronising a bit the recreational divers. The gadget diver The part you most like of your scuba gear is without any doubt…