Shark Thila or Mushimasmigili Thila or Fish Head

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Fish Head is a very well known diving point in the middle of Ari Atoll. The thila is a protected area and it is so famous that it has three different names: Shark Thila, Mushimasmigili Thila and Fish Head.

This Maldivian dive spot is particularly interesting for the massive quantity of life it hosts; even the thila’s shape is quite interesting: a straight cube emerges from a 40 meters sandy bottom up to a height of 6/8 meters, all around only white sand and blue water.

The top of the tila is generally flat, a couple of canyons and big stones offer cover for groupers and morays. A line of overhangs originates from the top of the thila down to the first drop off at around 20 meters. Here you can find big swarms of blue-lined snappers.

One of the grey reef sharks of Shark Thila

Being this a relatively small thila, you’ll dive it all around. You’ll jump on the side where the current comes from and huge swarms of fusiliers will welcome you. Slightly on the side you’ll spot big swarms of doctor fish and, close to the reef, there will be plenty of redtoothed triggerfish. Huge bluefin and giant trevally are restlessly hunting them; below the swarm big grey reef sharks are waiting for the right moment to join the party.

Sometime you can spot eagle rays swimming gently around and this is the place where dolphins can be seen more frequently.

This thila was also famous for its huge and very friendly napoleon fish. Regretfully lately they became difficult to be spotted.

Two or three turtles live there permanently and you can’t miss to find them. Lots of gian morays also populate the reef, octopus and nudibranchs are also easy to see.

Big batfish swim around you during the safety stop giving you the last farewell before emerging.

The dive is not a difficult one so it is good for both entry level and professional divers. Many diving centers offer this point as night dive and it is is surely worth to be given a look.

I personally like to hook at the corner where the current comes from and stay there a while to watch what looks more like an action movie than a dive: swarms of preys running aways from the swarms of hunters.

A school of Batfish

Your Dive

Do you know this thile? What is the name that you know it for? If you have never been here I’d really recommend you to dive it once. Write here down your thoughts and questions.

Fish Head video