Luxury Holiday or a New Way of Diving?

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Imagine… no sounds, you’re flying free in the light blue water, fish come closer than what you expect, you look around and no one is scaring them, no one is swimming in front of your perfect picture, no one is pushing you to see the rare nudibranch you’ve just spotted.

It’s just you enjoying your free time, your holiday, how it is supposed to be, without stress, in total peace.

Your personal diving instructor is keeping an eye on you and when you tell him it’s time you both emerge and reach the boat.

This is what some people call “a luxury dive”; this is what we believe every dive should be.

Is this a dream or is it reality?

This is what you should experience in your holidays, when you dive: pure relax and fun.

Why? Because you should make the most out of your free time.

Let’s not call them luxury holidays; let’s set this as a standard for your vacations.

This is why EDA offers you a Personal Diver™, a private diving instructor that will be your scuba buddy underwater and your personal assistant on the surface.

Your Personal Diver™ meets you at your hotel, in your resort, at your villa or on your yacht.

He or she organises all the necessary paperwork, prepares the equipment and takes care of the logistic so that everything is ready and you just have to jump in the water and enjoy your break.

What do you think? Is this a dream or a new way of diving? More about the Personal Diver™