Fit for a Nature Documentary: Amazing Migrations You Can Personally Experience

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With our vast access to nature-themed channels, documentary specials and a plethora of self-made online videos, the incredible feats that animals are capable of can often seem mundane. So let’s put it in perspective! With regular exercise and a well balanced diet, a rookie marathon runner could take 16 weeks to get in tip-top shape for a race. It’s an impressive accomplishment for many of us humans. However, the ocean’s marathons would put to shame the 26 miles (42 kilometres) that our races’ entail and they don’t even practice! More so, the motivation for marine life is certainly not about staying in shape. Instead, animals put their bodies to the ultimate test for the reward of obtaining essential food sources or arriving at safe havens where they can procreate. In addition, many of these crucial migrations occur in large masses thereby attracting many other species to the commotion. As if it were the ocean Olympics, predators, prey and the opportunists of the sea gather at these monumental events. These aquatic athletes utilize their unique attributes to win life or death battles but will make the ultimate sacrifice for someone else (often for their own young). As an ocean lover, the…

Scuba diving holidays of 2014

3 Scuba Diving Holidays you can’t miss in 2014

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Today we’re introducing three scuba diving holidays for 2014, three destinations that will leave you breathless, three experiences that you will remember for a life time. To celebrate what we believe was a great year for diving, we’ve put together the 8 most spectacular underwater picture of the year, you’re very welcome to send us your picture via the Facebook page. If you’re a passionate diver like we are, this article will enlighten your soul. Next year, 2014, you can choose between three, a soon more, great diving holidays. As usual, EDA’s holidays feature only the best diving destinations, the best diving sites and the best dive guides. The 2014 selected destinations are: Maldives – Liveaboard Diving Holiday South Africa – Sardine Run Indonesia – North Sulawesi Diving Maldives – Liveaboard Diving Holiday Maldives is the diver’s paradise: sunny days, flat sea and warm water. Top comfort for divers with the local boats called dhoni and the friendly local staff, diving in Maldives couldn’t be more relaxing and enjoyable. Underwater, Maldives are simply breathless: it’s one of the few places in the world where you can find a bit of everything. Great for big pelagic fish like sharks, whale sharks,…

Top underwater photos of 2013

8 Most Spectacular Underwater Photos from 2013

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This year has proven that you, like us, love diving and the demand for a new, personalised way of exploring the underwater world is increasing significantly. To celebrate this incredible year we’ve put together what we believed are the 8 most representative picture from our travels. We hope that this will, for many of you, remind great moments, and, if you didn’t dive with us yet, it will be a nice motivation to join one of the upcoming holidays. 1. A great white shark jumping In South Africa, in False Bay and Gansbaai it’s easy to spot these marvellous creatures jumping out of the water try to catch one of the seals swimming around. READ ON: Cage Diving with the Great White Shark in South Africa 2. Close up of a Grouper Or potatoes bus as they call them in Umkomaas, in South Africa. These huge fish are very common around the in the Produce wreck and more and more often you can see them also during the baited dives. READ ON: Sardine Run 2013 3. Manta – the queen of the ocean One of our favourite sea creature. Mantas look at you in the eyes, come close and play…