Joanna Van Vliet


I thoroughly enjoyed this unique and for me once in a life time experience. The trip was well organised and you were able to quickly solve issues and/or problems when they occurred. In my view the composition of the group was really nice. One can choose the option of only one nationality, only men, only persons younger than 40, etc. but in this case I believe that we all contributed in our own way to the atmosphere and I was very happy with the variety of people. I am reallly impressed with the way you both guided our group: always smiling and doing everything to keep us happy.

To see so many different kinds of sharks and dive with them was unbelievable: they are really beautiful animals and I have never been afraid of them. but also the whales, the dolphins, etc. After a few days of rest back in the Netherlands, I wished I was able to go back into the water again and forget about the rest of the world.
As you know, there were other challenges for me to conquer, but I felt very much at ease and when I tell my friends about this wonderful experience, they can hardly believe I was able to do and see so much in this period of time.

Thank you for a very special holiday!!