María José and Jose Antonio


Every diver in the world survives during the hard working days dreaming about the blue seas of his next dive trip. The Sardine Run was one of our “dream dive trips”. Luca and Sandro had a quite difficult goal; make our dreams came true… and they did it! They make every single minute worthwhile. For us holidays means not worrying about anything, just enjoying life and having fun and that is what we get from EDA, they were always one meter in front solving every single problem we may have and making our live so easy.

There were just one thing Luca and Sandro couldn’t managed… get the sardines! And I can tell they tried everything! but… you are in South Africa! You can swim with giant humpback whales and dolphins, dive surrounded by ocean black tips and bull sharks in Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks, see the natural predation of the Great White and dive in magic places like Millers Point an underwater garden of kelp were a group of Cow Sharks live.

When after 15 days you came back home feeling like you have just been out a couple of hours means that you have enjoy every second! Thank you so much, we will meet again for sure!