Dive Thudufushi Thila in the Maldives

Dive Thudufushi Thila – Ari Atoll, Maldives

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While you’re staying in the southern part of the Ari Atoll, Maldives, you shouldn’t miss one of the most celebrated dive spots of the area: the Thudufushi Thila. Located 3 Km from Thudufushi Island and 14 Km from Athuruga island, this beautiful dive site lies in the middle of Kalhahandhi Kandu, at the north of Panettone (another famous dive site in the nearby area). It’s a big Thila of one kilometer diameter and it’s characterized by the circular form. The top of the shoal is at 8 meters and it drops vertically in steps down to 35 meters, where the bottom is sandy. One of the very best diving can be enjoyed in this northern part of the site. This spot is located at the beginning of a pass and occasionally the current can be very strong; because of this, this dive can be a bit difficult when the current is too strong. Due to the presence of the current, if you look into the blue, in the middle of the channel, you can see a lot of marine life, particularly of pelagic life, such as Dog-toothed Tunas, Eagle rays, Jack Fish and Grey Reef Sharks; during the North-East Monson…

Luxury scuba diving holiday

Luxury Holiday or a New Way of Diving?

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Imagine… no sounds, you’re flying free in the light blue water, fish come closer than what you expect, you look around and no one is scaring them, no one is swimming in front of your perfect picture, no one is pushing you to see the rare nudibranch you’ve just spotted. It’s just you enjoying your free time, your holiday, how it is supposed to be, without stress, in total peace. Your personal diving instructor is keeping an eye on you and when you tell him it’s time you both emerge and reach the boat. This is what some people call “a luxury dive”; this is what we believe every dive should be. Is this a dream or is it reality? This is what you should experience in your holidays, when you dive: pure relax and fun. Why? Because you should make the most out of your free time. Let’s not call them luxury holidays; let’s set this as a standard for your vacations. This is why EDA offers you a Personal Diver™, a private diving instructor that will be your scuba buddy underwater and your personal assistant on the surface. Your Personal Diver™ meets you at your hotel, in your…

The Sardine Run 2013

Sardine Run 2013

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The Sardine Run is one of the few trips we organise for groups and not for private or couple divers. South Africa is a great place to experience with a small but selected group of divers and friends. Not being a close up destination for most of our clients, we wanted the trip to be worthwhile at its best and the two-weeks program waiting for them was just amazing. As you probably know, South Africa’s sea has much more to offer then the solo Sardine Run; in South Africa you can dive with a numerous different species of sharks and you can even cage diving with the great white shark. First part: Baited dives in Umkomaas We landed in Durban in the middle of the South African winter on the 26th of June, but was not really what you would expect finding on classic winter season: sunny days were welcoming us with average of 22º temperature. A nice lodge with pool and BBQ facility, in the centre of Umkomaas is where we spent the first five nights. We did two dives in the morning and had the afternoons free to browse around and relax. Aliwal Shoal, the diving spot in…

Sharks in South Africa

Top 8 Sharks You can Encounter in South Africa

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Shark diving in South Africa South Africa hosts a wide array of species of sharks and propose some of the best shark diving experiences in the whole world. Different periods of the year consent to see different types of sharks. Let’s get to know them better: Blacktip sharks Overview: They are called “the Jack Russells of the Sea”, it’s definitely the most common and diffuse shark during the baited dives, they can reach up to 2.5 meters, are not shy at all and come very close to the divers. Best location: Umkomaas – Aliwal Shoal and Shelly Beach – Protea Banks Best period: All year round Dusky Sharks Overview: Are the more easily spotted sharks during the Sardine Run, along the Wild Coast, similar in size to the blacktip, they are shyer and rarely come close enough for a good camera shot. Best location: Kuala Zulu Natal Wild Coast, Port St. Johns Best period: June and July Sand Tiger Sharks (Raggies or Ragged Tooth Shark) Overview: Very quiet and sluggish during the daylight, you can spot these sharks on the reef during normal dives and, if you have good quick eye grasp, you might be lucky to find their teeth…

A great white shark

Cage Diving with the Great White Shark in South Africa

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South Africa is one of the few places in the world where cage diving with great white sharks has a high rate of success. The weather conditions and the abundance of food is just perfect for spotting this majestic creature. The Great White Shark The great white shark is the well known King of the ocean, a big shark that can reach up to 6 mt in length, 3,300 kg in weight and live up to 30 years. Prefers water temperature between 12 and 24. An amazing creature that you can watch from the safety of an underwater cage. Best places to cage diving Great white sharks have been spotted in United States (Atlantic Northeast and California), Japan, Oceania, Chile, and the Mediterranean, but by far the best location of all to cage diving with them is in South Africa and more precisely Seal Island in False Bay and Dyer Island in Gansbaai. The most active period to have better chances is between February and September. How does it work You rather go around the Seal Island in False Bay because is less touristy and in the right season you have very good chances to see the great white. The…